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Let us start by discussing the inception of AmbitionBox. Can you share the story of how it evolved from a startup into a leading platform for employee insights and job market trends? 

A : In 2015, I founded AmbitionBox with the vision of assisting college students in their job placements. Our initial focus was on interview preparation, aiming to replace traditional bluebooks in colleges and become the go-to source for interview advice. We experienced rapid growth, reaching 150,000 monthly users in just 18 months without external funding. In 2016, recognised our potential and acquired AmbitionBox. Post-acquisition, our growth continued, and the introduction of salary information in 2020 led to a ten-fold increase in users, propelling us to the top spot in India.

AmbitionBox has certainly come a long way. Can you elaborate on the unique differentiators that set AmbitionBox apart from its competitors? 

A : Certainly. What makes AmbitionBox stand out is its intricate design tailored to the needs of our Indian user base. We have over 2 crore salary data points and 60 lakh reviews, providing unparalleled insights. Unlike competitors, we go beyond presenting employee reviews; we delve deep into perspectives to offer valuable insights for both job seekers and employers. With reviews covering 9 lakh companies across various industries, AmbitionBox is the definitive source for comprehensive workplace insights.

Authenticity and trustworthiness are crucial in the realm of employee feedback. How does AmbitionBox ensure the credibility of reviews on its platform? 

A: Maintaining impartiality is at the core of AmbitionBox. We employ algorithms using data science and machine learning to detect and filter out fake and irrelevant reviews. Community guidelines provide a framework for contributors and employers, ensuring content aligns with our standards. Reviews not meeting these guidelines are promptly removed. Additionally, users can report reviews, which undergo manual vetting by our audit team. This multi-faceted approach underscores our commitment to a trustworthy platform.

It is reassuring to hear about the robust measures in place. What upcoming initiatives or developments can we expect from AmbitionBox in the near future? 

A: We have recently launched “Communities,” dedicated to fostering career-related discussions and creating a supportive environment. The AmbitionBox Employee Choice Awards (ABECA), initiated in 2021, has become the largest annual “employee” choice award in India. We’re also developing features for companies to leverage AmbitionBox, providing insights into employee feedback and helping them build a strong employer brand. These initiatives align with our commitment to enhancing the career journey for both job seekers and employers. 


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