Become a Business Intelligence Analyst in Less Than 6 Months

Become a Business Intelligence Analyst in Less Than 6 MonthsBecome a Business Intelligence Analyst in Less Than 6 Months
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Many people who have been in the tech industry transition into different domains. Business intelligence is one of them. People with no experience with software development or coding love analyzing data to help businesses make the right decisions. 

There’s a reason why you stumbled on this article and it has to be one of the two reasons above. 

When it comes to business intelligence analysis, the main thing is learning the foundations and being an expert at using the tools. This is why I have created a list of courses with top providers, where some or even all of them are currently dominating the business intelligence market.

The purpose of this article is that you can choose which certification is right for you based on which tool you want to learn. For example, is it Looker or is it Tableau?



Link: Google Business Intelligence Professional Certificate

Google is well known for its comprehensive certifications that have helped a lot of people land high-paying jobs without having to go back to university. 

Made up of 3 courses and aimed at people seeking advanced knowledge, this course can be completed in 2 months if you commit 10 hours a week. 

In this business intelligence certification, you will explore the roles of business intelligence professionals, and learn and practice data modeling, extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL). You will then dive deeper into taking your data findings and creating data visualizations and dashboards that will answer business questions that can be effectively communicated to stakeholders. 



Link: IBM Business Intelligence (BI) Analyst Certificate

IBM is also another organization well known for its variety of certifications. This certification is aimed at beginners and consists of 10 courses which can be completed at your own pace. 

In this comprehensive 10-course certification, you will build skills in SQL queries, and relational databases, gather and clean data, and learn about data warehousing. You will apply statistical analysis methods to identify trends, create data visualizations, and build dashboards using popular tools such as Tableau, Excel, Cognos, and Looker. Using these tools, you will generate valuable insights which will aid the decision-making process. 



Link: Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst Professional Certificate

Another amazing provider – Microsoft! This professional certificate is aimed at beginners and consists of 8 courses and can be completed in 5 months if you commit 10 hours a week.

Specific to Microsoft, in this course you will learn how to use Power BI to connect data sources and transform them into valuable insights. You will start with preparing Excel data for analysis by learning best practices of common formulas and functions. You will then learn about the capabilities of Power BI to create data visualizations, reports and dashboards. 

If you want to be job-ready, you can demonstrate your skills with a project and the Microsoft PL-300 Certification exam.  



Link: Tableau Business Intelligence Analyst Professional Certificate

A course coming from one of the best business intelligence tools out there! This course is aimed at beginners and consists of 8 courses and can be completed in 8 months if you commit 10 hours a week.

In this Tableau-specific course, you will gain the essential skills that every entry-level business intelligence analyst needs. You will learn how to use Tableau Public to prepare and manipulate data for the analysis process and then go into creating data visualizations that will reveal meaningful and actionable insights. 



And that’s all you need. These 4 courses will provide you with the necessary skills and experience to become a successful business intelligence analyst. All you have to do is determine which tool you want to be an expert in. 

Happy learning!

Nisha Arya is a data scientist, freelance technical writer, and an editor and community manager for KDnuggets. She is particularly interested in providing data science career advice or tutorials and theory-based knowledge around data science. Nisha covers a wide range of topics and wishes to explore the different ways artificial intelligence can benefit the longevity of human life. A keen learner, Nisha seeks to broaden her tech knowledge and writing skills, while helping guide others.


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