Best Tableau Alternatives: Boost Your Data Visualization!


Data insights are critical to run the business in today’s world. Running almost all the departments to lead the organization towards growth, finding relevant insights from data requires the presence of best-performing tools. With multiple established brands offering their services, Tableau stands out among the crowd owing to numerous excellent key features. 

For individuals or businesses unfamiliar with Tableau or looking to find alternatives, owing to some or another reason, we have your back. Learn about Tableau and its alternatives right here. 

Top Tableau Alternatives 2024

Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft offers Power BI, a trustworthy software that can be deployed in the cloud, web-based, or as a SaaS. It helps to connect data from a single source, gain deeper insights, and contribute to organization-specific data-based decision-making. 

With Microsoft Power BI, problems like data movement and duplication don’t occur. Visual data presentation using advanced data analysis tools is also possible. Users also get access to Copilot in Power BI along with the AI.


The data-driven solutions are available with real-time agility. Providing enterprise-grade security coupled with world-class dashboard software, the solution to businesses is quicker, smarter, and based on modern analytics. The software is easily governable, offers scalability, and is deployable as cloud, web-based, SaaS, and on-premise Linux and Windows. 

The software offers diverse visualization options, BYOC compatibility, and AI-based automation, with quality features like pattern highlighting and outlining. It also offers cheaper pricing than Tableau.


This software is among the best Tableau alternatives owing to its extended functionality, which provides a platform for preparing, analyzing, and visualizing complex data. It uses AI-powered in-chip technology to provide solutions from different sources to each query. Incorporating AI also enhances visualization, supports predictive analytics, and comprises embedded analytics and white-label APIs. 

It also supports coding, integration, and data connection. Because it is scalable, secure, and seamless, top data-rich companies prefer the software. Among the Tableau alternatives, it excels in the deployment parameter. Sisense can be deployed on-premise, as software, on the cloud or as a web-based source.


Available from Google, Looker offers excellent analytical powers. It also possesses all the features expected of alternatives to Tableau, such as data visualization, integration, segmentation, and decision-making. While it is available among free Tableau alternatives, more features are available in paid versions. It uses the data modeling language LookML to resolve queries and solutions. 

Requiring technical expertise, Looker incorporates AI for efficient analytics. With Google Looker, businesses can collaborate and share easily, customize the dashboards with drag-and-drop features, get real-time insights, and embed the dashboards in third-party apps and websites. 


Domo offers efficient and user-friendly visualization, another paid and free alternative to Tableau. Domo allows users to create interactive visualizations for business ideas, including maps, graphs, and pie charts. Domo Analyzer offers an alternative to creating visualizations from scratch.

The product is available cloud, software, or web-based and offers self-serve reporting, embedded analytics, and business apps. It also includes pro-code tools, task automation, app distribution, and data storytelling. 

Google Analytics 360

Another Tableau alternative from Google is Analytics 360. Available as an online version, it provides an enterprise-level analytics platform. Comparable to Tableau in multiple aspects, it intakes data through website tracking and hence provides specific user-based analytics. With Google Analytics 360, users get standard and in-built visualizations and reports effectively designed to analyze. 

Analytics 360 quickly provides results, provides smarter insights into ROI improvement, assists in decision-making, and offers transparency. The solution can also be integrated with other Google products to streamline processes. The reports are easy to generate, share, and visualize with synoptic overviews. The product is widely used by BI professionals, marketers, and online businesses. 


Analytics Cloud, available from Oracle, is one of the best Tableau alternatives. It is a cloud-based service that serves as a platform for all the steps in the analytics process. By offering a better place for data ingestion, modeling, preparation, enrichment, visualization, and collaboration, businesses get effective security to carry out tasks easily and efficiently. The solution is also available on-premises. The integration of AI is also there to ensure user-friendliness in Oracle usage. 

Considered among better alternatives to Tableau, Oracle offers a comprehensive package for enterprise management. Tableau and Oracle offer personalized views, drag-and-drop interfaces, data visualization options, multiple integration, mobile access, and specificity based on integrations like Lever, Google Analytics, SurveyMonkey, and pre-built with Magento, NetSuite, and SAP.

Zoho Analytics

It is both a paid and free alternative to Tableau. BI and data analytics offer numerous functionalities such as data handling, connection, preparation, analysis, and attractive visualization. It is available on a cloud-scale data platform architecture and contributes to instant data-based decision-making in the organization through real-time updates. 

The software’s features also include data import from various sources and more than 50 visualization types. The dashboard customization is available with an easy drag-and-drop interface to exhibit patterns and trends easily. The security is also top-notch here. Similar to Tableau, Zoho Analytics also handles huge datasets well. 


Metabase is another free alternative to Tableau that acts as a BI and visualization tool. Widely used by businesses of different scales and agencies, it is a better counterpart to Tableau in supporting all devices, including Windows, Apple, and even phones. The effective features include a visual query builder that calculates columns, joins, and drill-downs. 

The dashboards can be customized and interactive and handle huge amounts of data witnessed in routine operational workflows. Hence, it is compatible with Big Data. More than 15 visualization types and options exist to create metadata-rich semantic models. The KPIs and visual analytics are additional key features of Metabase. 

Dundas Data Visualization

Among the excellent performing Tableau alternatives, Dundas BI outperforms Tableau in product strategy, net emotional footprint, breadth of features, and numerous other factors. It is browser-based BI software that helps with data analysis and creating customized dashboards and reports. Dundas BI has a notes feature for leaving comments, offers easy sharing in varying forms, and links the slideshows with live feeds for effective presentation and storytelling. 

Dundas BI is also user-friendly, owing to the recommendation for choosing suitable visualizations. Further, the single and multi-tenant deployments and the presence of HTML5 add to ease of usage. Its higher customization and flexibility make it among the preferred alternatives to Tableau. 

Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio is another offering from Google that serves as a free alternative to Tableau. Available as a cloud, web-based and software service, it provides data dashboard creating and visualization tools. Mobile access is a preferred option. Importing data from numerous sources, the tasks are user-friendly and allow interactive visualizations to be created. 

Further, the reports and metrics are easy to read and interpret. The simple processing is coherent, with collaborative functional access to the screen. Google Data Studio offers greater flexibility with programs like Google Ads, YouTube Analytics, and others than Tableau. 


Combining AI and BI, Microstrategy is one of the best Tableau alternatives. It comprises key features like advanced analytics, data source connectivity, mobile access, reporting, data querying, embedded analytics, and much more, and its functionality is comparable to Tableau’s. Microstrategy also offers partner integrations with messaging and project management platforms. 

Both counterparts offer subscription-based packages along with free trials to benefit from. They offer real-time analytics and data filtering. Further, both the BI tools are compatible with differently scaled companies. 


It is another AI-incorporated data analytics platform that eases data discovery with interactive visualization. The software allows the inclusion of charts with user-friendly, no-code UI and AI features. GoodData also offers two products: embedded analytics and an end-to-end data platform. The solution assists by providing analytical service and full data management. 

Users get the platform to integrate, cleanse, analyze, and publish data to report apps and tools. The software’s user-friendly interface allows the completion of tasks and provides insights enough to run the business without requiring data scientists. It also functions with minimal staff and resources.  


IBM offers IBM Cognos Analytics with an AI-powered Business Intelligence platform. Further assisting with analytics while also offering visualization-based reporting solutions, it comes from a multinational technology company. With IBM Cognos Analytics, businesses can enhance their dashboards and obtain automated platforms for data preparation and professional reports. The higher security, along with AI, offers instant solutions to business problems. Moreover, the additional benefits include web-based data modeling and data exploration and prediction. 


SAS DI or SAS Data Integration Studio is an ETL or Extract Transform Load tool. It offers software to aid in developing interactive visuals. Further, it aids in building, implementing, and managing data processes on all applications and platforms, along with different data sources. The user-friendly interface with a drag-and-drop option allows for easy handling and interpretation of enterprise data and the associated processes. 

SAS Business Intelligence

Among the earliest software providers, SAS offers business intelligence and analytics software. The software eases tasks like hunting for data, scrutiny, and visual interactions while offering compatibility with mobile compatibility. With SAS BI, businesses get customizable dashboards that are easily integrated with SAS-generated reports and external sources like Excel and Outlook. 

SAS also has an advantage in interactive data visualization over Tableau. Graphs and charts help interpret data patterns and relationships easily. Using SAS BI does not require coding, allowing usage without technical expertise.


Alteryx Tableau alternatives offer quality AI platforms to aid in business endeavors. Complying with the requirement of data-driven decision-making, the software helps save costs while simultaneously offering value-based results. The AI-associated platform comes in both on-premises and cloud forms. Further, it can perform functions like data preparation, ETL, Extract, Transform, and Load, offering generative and conversational AI and reporting and automation. It is an effective tool for business automation, data literacy, and self-service analytics and insights. 


An age-old company established in 1994, Board is a reliable BI software provider. Promising future-proof planning, reporting, and analytics, the Board exhibits its leadership in the 2023 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Financial Planning Software. Businesses get intelligent platforms, approaches, and solutions with board intelligent planning across varying data sources. The reports developed on the platform allow adding visual elements like bubble charts. Heat maps and waterfall charts. 

Further, it allows exploration in different file formats, such as HTML or CSV, while offering a drag-and-drop function. The software is among the alternatives to Tableau, and businesses get self-service predictive analytics, mobile access, and integration with MS Office tools. 


Offering numerous resources with a free trial version, SAP BI launchpad, part of SPA Business Objects BI Suite, is an effective enterprise reporting tool. It offers easy integration of OLAP and OLTP databases. SAP offers customizable dashboards and the option of notification when incorporating new content. It also allows for the saving of content for later discussions or decisions while easily returning to where the user left off. 


Redash offers an interactive dashboard with the facilities of SQL clients combined with the benefits of cloud-based service. As a paid and free alternative to Tableau, the software allows the click to insert and create snippets with reuse and a powerful online SQL editor. Redash also allows drag-and-drop and resizing of visualizations, automatic data updates from data sources, and easy dashboard sharing with the team and the public. 

Further, it supports NoSQL, SQL, API data sources, and Big Data. Also, Redash has a simple and intuitive visual interface with visualizations like pie and bar charts and scatterplots. 

Amazon QuickSight

Among the best Tableau alternatives available from Amazon, this software offers businesses data-based solutions. It allows business analysts and users to meet their analytic needs via interactive dashboards. Amazon QuickSight also offers paginated reports, embedded analytics, and natural language queries. The AI integration allows natural language processing for building, discovering, and sharing meaningful insights, assisting businesses in making an impact. Further, it is also scalable and available at lesser costs. 


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