Cloud Analytics: Empowering employees to make data-driven decisions – Financial Times


Prioritising democratisation is critical to getting the most out of your data and enabling speed of insight. The shortage of skilled data specialists means businesses must place analytics’ power to solve problems in the hands of those most incentivised to solve them – the decision makers themselves. With advances in automated no-code/low-code data analytics, it’s now faster and easier to train knowledge workers to use analytics than to try and impart years of specialist company knowledge to a data scientist. “Upskilling employees with analytic capabilities ensures they can make data-driven decisions with speed,” enthuses Hansen. “Cloud computing provides the scale and agility needed to break down barriers and remove the isolated intelligence currently hindering many organisations.” Cloud analytics is putting the power of data-driven decision-making into the hands of every employee – and this is being driven by the growing business need for intelligence.

“We are living through challenging economic times,” says Hansen, “which have forced CEOs, CFOs, CIOs and senior leaders across all industries to accelerate their digital transformation strategies.” Alteryx’s 2023 State of Cloud Analytics Report found that four out of five respondents believed that cloud analytics would have a positive impact in economically uncertain times. “Today’s evolving business landscape requires businesses to take advantage of data assets and businesses make it essential to not only react to crises but to predict them.,” stresses Hansen. “For business leaders looking to thrive, data sharing and access should be the norm, not the exception.”

And this is not a pipedream. Any business can now procure a platform that provides cloud-based advanced analytics through a no-code/low-code, easy-to-use interface via a web browser. This enables anyone, anywhere to build easy-to-use workflows to prepare, blend and analyse data. “Genomics England needed a platform to support its vital work without interrupting day-to-day operations,” recalls Hansen. “For them, Alteryx Analytics Cloud checked all the boxes being low-code, cloud-based, secure, robust, and scalable. It helped them get real-time information faster, make better decisions, and democratise analytics, while helping them cut delivery times in half even while they were scaling up their operations.”

Across the world, business leaders are looking for ways to gain clarity in a landscape of uncertainty. Cloud-based analytics offers a path. “Ultimately, cloud-based analytics makes it easier for everyone, regardless of analytic skill, to access data with governance and at scale,” says Hansen. “The result? Faster time to insight that drives top-line gains from better decision-making and bottom-line returns from efficient resource management – both topics that will make business leaders smile.” 


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