How Data Science Can Transform Conventional Hotel Hierarchies


Surprisingly, many hotel groups and brands have yet to integrate data scientists into their core marketing and IT teams despite the explosive growth of data-driven decision-making in other industries. These hotel groups seem entrenched in traditional, hierarchical organizational structures that are not conducive to integrating data science, as these rigid frameworks often lack the flexibility required to incorporate and fully utilize innovative analytical roles. The absence of specialized data professionals means these hotel groups are not leveraging available data to its fullest potential to predict trends, understand customer preferences, and drive revenue growth. This oversight represents a significant opportunity for these companies to gain a competitive edge by embracing data science to unlock innovative strategies for market differentiation and operational efficiency. What are your thoughts and experiences around this topic? How can hotel groups restructure to incorporate data science into their core-orgnaisation?

Fergus Boyd

Max Starkov

Juanjo  Rodriguez

Simone Puorto

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Mark Fancourt

Binu Mathews

Michael Toedt

Uli Pillau

Jason G. Bryant

Ian Millar
Ian Millar

Manager of Institute of Business Creativity & Senior Lecturer at EHL Hospitality Business School

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