New Solution Will Transform Data-Driven Decision-Making


We are thrilled to announce that our latest offering, the “Financial Insight for Finance Departments powered by S/4HANA Cloud Public Edition” solution, INSIGHT, has received the stamp of approval from SAP, confirming its status as an SAP-qualified partner-packaged solution. This milestone is not just a testament to our product’s excellence but also shines a spotlight on the hard work and dedication of our entire team. 

What Does This Approval Mean? 

An SAP-qualified partner-packaged solution is a comprehensive, integrated solution that combines SAP’s market-leading software and innovations with our unique services, specialist knowledge, and intellectual property. This designation is awarded to solutions that promise rapid time to value, low risk, and high predictability for our clients at an attractive price point. 


Key Features of INSIGHT 

  • Accounting & Finance Optimised Operations: Simplify tasks from procurement to treasury management, boosting financial efficiency. 
  • Consolidation & Planning Streamlined: Financial reporting with IFRS-compliant currency translation, automated consolidation adjustments, out-of-the-box financial reports, and budget & forecast preparation, enabling Finance Departments to enhance efficiency and accuracy. 
  • Rapid Deployment for Immediate Impact: Quickly harness the benefits of cloud ERP and analytics for better strategic decisions. 
  • Digital Excellence Attained: Leverage industry best practices and continual innovation for financial leadership. 
  • Intelligent Enterprise Transformation: Embedded intelligent technologies accelerate processes and boost productivity. 

How INSIGHT Enhances Financial Operations 

During the rigorous SAP qualification session, our team showcased the key scenarios and value propositions of INSIGHT through a live demo. This demonstration highlighted how INSIGHT not only meets but exceeds the critical needs of finance departments by providing streamlined, user-friendly tools for financial planning, consolidation, and reporting, demonstrating how CFOs can streamline their operations, reduce costs, and improve their bottom line. 

Looking Forward 

With INSIGHT now listed on the SAP Partner Package Finder, we are excited about the new opportunities this approval opens up for both our current and future clients. We are committed to continuing our journey of innovation and excellence, helping businesses achieve their financial management goals with greater efficiency and lower risk. 

Thank you to everyone at Codestone and our partners at SAP who made this achievement possible. We look forward to seeing how INSIGHT transforms financial departments of the future! 

For more information about INSIGHT or to schedule a demo, please visit the SAP Partner Package Finder or contact us using the form below.


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