Stravito launches AI assistant for enhanced data-driven decision making


Knowledge management startup Stravito AB today announced a generative artificial intelligence assistant designed to help users extract and synthesize insights for data-driven business decisions at large scale.

Called Stravito Assistant, the new service builds on the company’s AI capabilities launched last year by introducing a conversation approach that allows users to collaborate with the technology in an engaging two-way manner, simplifying workflows and allowing for more rapid time to insight.

With the new service, users can now have a full conversation, with Stravito Assistant prompting users to ask follow-up and clarifying questions to drill deeper into their research so they can get the most useful and applicable information for their context. Each response given by the service is footnoted throughout so that users can trust the answer provided and click through to the source material for more details. Responses can also be drilled down by time and location to reflect the dynamic nature of insights and how they can vary by region.

“Early uses of generative AI for insights have shown us that getting the best results requires asking the right questions and receiving summarized answers based on contextualized, easily provable data,” said Thor Olof Philogène, founder and chief executive officer of Stravito. “By making Stravito Assistant more conversational and context-aware, we’ve ensured users can easily navigate a knowledge space and reduce time-to-insight in a secure and transparent way.”

All Stravito Assistant threads are preserved in a history tab, allowing users to return to previous conversations. Following a conversation, the service can also summarize key takeaways in bullet points, including all cited sources, or create a presentation draft with the key pages from all cited sources that can be downloaded and worked on together with others. Doing so, the company claims, makes it easier to bring insights into action and integrate them directly into projects.

The assistant draws information only from each client’s owned data. The system is programmed to prioritize fresh data and flag older source material if used. If there are conflicting data points or if no data is available in the system to support giving answers, Assistant will tell users, giving them a chance to discover potential conflicts or blank spots in their internal company knowledge.

“Stravito Assistant automates workflows and reduces time-to-insight so that insights professionals and business stakeholders can make more informed decisions faster,” Philogène added.

Stravito is a venture capital-funded startup that has raised $23.8 million to date, according to Tracxn. Notable investors include henQ, Creades AB, Endeit Capital Partners AB and Inventure AB.

Image: Stravito

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