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SAN FRANCISCO, April 10, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Meltwater, a leading global provider of media, social and consumer intelligence, today announced the launch of their digital-first brand campaign – Guesswork Doesn’t Work. This campaign takes a lighthearted approach to highlighting the very real challenges that today’s PR, Marketing and Research teams face when trying to make informed and impactful business decisions. The campaign underscores the importance of data-backed strategies for teams to connect with their target audiences, understand the holistic impact of their work and ultimately drive ROI.

As the world’s online data continues to grow rapidly each day, teams are tasked with finding the data that matters, making sense of it, and analyzing it in a way that can drive strategic business decisions. Only 48% of business decisions are made based on quantitative data analysis as compared to other factors such as experience, “gut feeling,” or opinions. By partnering with a media and social intelligence solution like Meltwater, companies don’t have to leave their strategies up to guesswork. With a full suite of solutions powered by AI, everyone within a company, from the PR manager to the marketing director, can confidently uncover insights that drive strategy. And not only can they act, but also, successfully measure the impact of their efforts.

Meltwater’s suite of solutions turns billions of media and social data points into strategic insights across a wide range of use cases, including media intelligence, media monitoring, social listening & analytics, influencer marketing, social media management, consumer intelligence, and more. More than 27,000 customers worldwide in 130 countries, use Meltwater as a single source of truth for teams who want to manage their brand health in today’s ever-evolving world.

“At Meltwater, we want to empower teams to cut through the noise and make sense of all the data available to them with insights that drive better decision making. We know that guesswork doesn’t work. PR/Communications and Marketing professionals know they need to be more data driven, but they aren’t data analysts, and often don’t know where to start. That is where Meltwater comes in – turning data into insights, and making them accessible across teams, levels, and geographies,” said Jenny Force, VP of Marketing at Meltwater.

The Guesswork Doesn’t Work campaign, created in partnership with social strategy agency 1000heads, launched April 10th and runs for the 2024 calendar year. It takes a digital-first, omnichannel approach and includes activations across social media channels and virtual events, with video, digital and audio supporting assets to bring the message to life. The campaign will also provide valuable digital resource drops throughout the year to support PR, Marketing and Research professionals with relevant trends and reports to help them drive impact within their teams.

The campaign’s launch video takes a humorous approach, featuring a CMO and her team struggling with a lack of data on which to build strategies. The story speaks to the integration of today’s PR, Communications, Marketing and Insights teams, who are in desperate need of a holistic picture of their brand – complete with industry trends, audience insights and end-to-end reporting – but lack the right tools and resources. Armed with Meltwater’s AI-powered suite of solutions, they gain the insight they need to drive results.

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Meltwater empowers companies with a suite of solutions that spans media, social, consumer and sales intelligence. By analyzing ~1 billion pieces of content each day and transforming them into vital insights, Meltwater unlocks the competitive edge to drive results. With 27,000 global customers, 50 offices across six continents and 2,300 employees, Meltwater is the industry partner of choice for global brands making an impact. Learn more at

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