The Top Business Intelligence Vendors for CX Teams in 2024


The top business intelligence vendors give organizations the critical insights they need to make intelligent decisions for growth and development. As customer expectations continue to evolve, and competition in every industry increases, companies rely on BI vendors to help them drive their teams towards success.  

These companies offer companies tools and software solutions that transform data analysis, with deeper insights, artificial intelligence, automation and more. Additionally, many of these vendors ensure their BI solutions can integrate with existing contact center and CX tools. 

With the Business Intelligence market set to reach around $55.5 billion by 2032, now could be the ideal time for companies to start assessing their options. We’ve examined the top contenders in the market, to bring you this list of the top leaders in BI innovation.  

The article provides a snapshot of the vendors featured in our Business Intelligence Marketplace.

  • Salesforce 
  • Microsoft 
  • Qlik 
  • Looker 
  • Domo 
  • ThoughtSpot 
  • Sisense 
  • Oracle 
  • Google 
  • SAP 
  • TIBCO 
  • SAS 
  • IBM 
  • Yellowfin 
  • Tellius 
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) 
  • Alibaba Cloud 
  • Zoho 
  • Pyramid Analytics 
  • MicroStrategy 
  • Incorta 

Known as a leader in the CRM market, Salesforce is also one of the world’s leading business intelligence vendors. The company’s comprehensive Tableau platform allows organizations to automate discovery and analysis, leveraging AI models to surface deeper insights from huge volumes of data. With Salesforce, companies can discover new ways to enhance the sales pipeline, improve customer journeys, and enhance service delivery. 

The Salesforce platform can even align data from multiple sources, integrating with a wide range of cloud-based solutions for a single-pane-of-glass view of business operations. Plus, it comes with customizable reporting and dashboard tools, built-in solutions for collaboration, and access to the Salesforce Einstein tools.  

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Technology vendor, Microsoft makes drawing insights from business data simple, with the intuitive Power BI platform. The solution ensures companies can draw valuable information from multiple sources, including Microsoft platforms like Teams. Plus, it works with intelligent automation and workflow building tools, allowing company to automate a range of discovery processes.  

Like many of Microsoft’s solutions, BI comes with access to Microsoft’s Copilot generative AI solution. This ensures organizations can create reports in seconds with simple text inputs, summarize data and documents, and even quickly measure a range of suggestions for how to improve company outcomes. Plus, there are collaboration tools included for teams working together on BI. 

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Delivering a host of solutions for business analytics and intelligence, Qlik specializes in data integration, data quality, and reporting. The customizable platform offered by the company can integrate with a huge selection of business tools and cloud services. Plus, it comes with built-in artificial intelligence, to help companies turn raw data into actionable intelligence. 

Recognized as a leader among business intelligence vendors like Gartner, Qlik ensures companies can leverage real-time insights into metrics, without compromising on enterprise-grade governance and security. Plus, it can even automatically enhance and clean data input into the system, to ensure the insights generated by businesses are accurate. 

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Owned by Google, Looker is a data science and business analysis solution, operating on the Google cloud platform. The solution takes advantage of Google’s leading technology in the worlds of artificial intelligence and automation, unifying and surfacing insights from various environments. The portfolio combines modern BI and analytics tools, with solutions for data-driven automation. 

Looker allows companies to combine various database environments into a single ecosystem, aligning more than 50 SQL dialects, as well as solutions like BigQuery. Plus, Looker supports public cloud, multi-cloud, and hybrid environments, giving organizations a range of deployment options. Business leaders can even customize their ecosystem with unique dashboards and blocks. 

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Cloud software company, Domo, is responsible for the comprehensive Domo Data Experience platform. This solution empowers companies to manage the complexities of their data infrastructure in a unified environment for collaboration and data visualization. With Domo, companies gain access to a range of dashboards and reporting tools, as well as data integration options.  

Moreover, the Domo Data Experience platform also includes solutions for AI and data science, low-code workflow and app creation, and governance and security. The solution supports more than 1,000 connectors for database and analytics environments. What’s more, governance and security features are built in from the ground up to assist businesses with protecting data.   

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Technology company ThoughtSpot produces business intelligence analytics software, intended to streamline access to useful insights. The AI-powered platform benefits from a convenient search-engine-style interface, ensuring teams can ask questions of their data without complex coding. Plus, there are automated business monitoring and alert options built-in, to keep companies up to date with the most important metrics and KPIs influencing their growth. 

With comprehensive solutions to suit a range of use cases and business types, ThoughtSpot offers a highly flexible ecosystem, with visualization options, integrations, and “bundling” solutions to add business intelligence to consumer applications. Plus, the ThoughtSpot team also offers step-by-step guidance and consulting options to beginners, as well as intuitive webinars. 

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Like many leading business intelligence vendors, Sisense supports organizations in building AI-driven insights into their existing systems and processes. The company’s platform supports pro-code, low-code, and no-code solutions, to suit a wide range of companies. Plus, Sisense gives organizations a range of ways to make the most of their data.  

Companies can leverage visualization tools to create graphs and charts about important business processes. Moreover, there’s an intelligent alerting system, which ensures businesses can automatically monitor essential KPIs and spot changes quickly. Sisense’s Fusion Analytics solutions can even be embedded into existing tools.  

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Technology giant, Oracle, produces a huge range of technology solutions for business leaders. The company’s comprehensive portfolio covers everything from customer relationship management, to data storage and discovery. Oracle’s Business Intelligence portfolio combines the scalable Oracle Business Intelligence server, with a simple “Answers” solution.  

Plus, companies can leverage a host of customizable dashboards with prompts, reports, charts, tables, graphics and more. Oracle’s ecosystem can combine data and insights from a range of environments, giving companies a holistic view of crucial KPIs. There are even tools for automating various business intelligence and discovery strategies. 

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The modern business intelligence solution from Google is offered as part of the tech giant’s ecosystem of connected cloud software solutions. With Google’s flexible BI solutions, companies can place data at the heart of their business decisions, scaling their ecosystem to suit their needs in the cloud. Plus, Google’s BI portfolio includes a range of focused products and services.  

Companies can leverage BigQuery for multi-cloud data warehousing, Looker for business intelligence and embedded analytics, and Connected Sheets for comprehensive analysis. There’s even a built-in machine learning solution, to assist companies in making decisions with real-time and historical reports, enhanced by artificial intelligence. 

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Software company SAP competes with leading business intelligence vendors with the “BusinessObjects” suite. This centralized suite of solutions combines data reporting and visualisation, with report development and sharing. While the BusinessObjects offering is an on-premises BI layer for data analysis, there are cloud solutions available.  

The SAP Analytics cloud, for instance, offers next-level intelligence to companies in search of simplified, personalized, and dynamic information consumption solutions. There are even hybrid toolkits available to companies who need to leverage both on-premises data intelligence, and the agile scalability offered by the cloud.  

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Focusing on the development of business intelligence solutions for the digital age, TIBCO supports organizations in accessing historical reports, and real-time dashboards. The TIBCO platform delivers industrial-strength solutions for tracking performance metrics. Plus, companies gain access to a solution that can adapt to suit their need, in the cloud, on-premises, and at the edge. 

TIBCO’s solutions are tuned to the needs of companies in a variety of industries, allowing business leaders to leverage fully-managed, monitored, and automatically updated services. Plus, TIBCO offers consulting and support for companies leveraging BI software for the first time, assisting with implementation, integration and more.  

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Analytics software and technology vendor SAS ensures companies from all industries can transform raw data into comprehensive business intelligence. The company’s augmented analytics and business intelligence software is an interactive, AI-driven offering which takes advantage of next-level automation, as well as large language models and generative AI. 

With the SAS Viya offering, companies can gain real-time insights into crucial metrics and KPIs, and leverage predictive analytics for rapid business decision making. Plus, the company’s offering works seamlessly with a huge variety of cloud solutions, from AWS, Google, and other market leaders. There’s even the option to build reporting tools into existing software systems. 

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Technology giant IBM produces countless tools and services for business leaders, ranging from intuitive AI systems, to cloud security. The IBM Cognos analytics platform is powered by artificial intelligence to help companies ingest and manage data, transforming raw information into dashboards, graphs, and charts. Within the solution, everyone in a company can create business reports, monitor events, and track critical metrics in a shared interface.   

Promising a simple self-service experience for business intelligence, Cognos helps companies model and understand their data, with predictive forecasting, decision trees, and interactive dashboards. Plus, multiple users can work together in real-time in the same digital environment, making it easy to connect and align distributed teams. 

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Like some of the other top Business Intelligence vendors, Yellowfin focuses on making useful insights more accessible to teams of all sizes. With the Yellowfin platform, companies can combine all of their data sources into a single ecosystem, complete with data storytelling tools and automation. Teams can collaborate on comprehensive reports, with AI-assisted natural language querying.  

The freeform dashboard canvas included in the ecosystem also ensures business leaders and their teams can customize the technology available to suit their specific goals. With Yellowfin, organizations can also build custom dashboards and data visualizations using no-code and low-code development environments. 

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The software solutions available from Tellius for business intelligence leverage artificial intelligence and automation to support the modern data stack. Tellius supports organizations in discovering new ways to quickly understand the reasons and drivers behind business outcomes. There are even tools for intelligent customer segmentation and lifetime value prediction.  

Taking a self-service approach to business intelligence, Tellius ensures every employee, including non-technical staff members, can gain insights from various data sources. The natural language search and intelligent automation solutions make it easier to monitor, track and understand various metrics. 

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Technology giant Amazon Web Services (AWS) produces various tools for data collection, analysis, and insights. The core BI system offered by the company is Amazon QuickSight, a toolkit designed to eliminate data silos and unify information at scale. QuickSight allows companies to achieve various business goals through modern interactive dashboards, embedded analytics, and natural language queries. Plus, it comes with access to Amazon Q. 

The Amazon Q generative AI assistant enhances business productivity. With dashboard authoring solutions, companies can use natural language prompts to discover and share meaningful insights in seconds. Plus, companies can even embed the AWS analytical tools into existing technology. 

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The cloud division of the Alibaba company, Alibaba Cloud, serves the business intelligence needs of companies worldwide with the “Quick BI” offering. The dynamic platform empowers teams to align different sources of data, from SQL servers to local files. Plus, the drag-and-drop solution simplifies the art of data modelling and visualization.  

With comprehensive control over access permissions, and flexible embedding to allow companies to infuse their existing tools with insights, Alibaba delivers a comprehensive solution. The solution even comes with intuitive workbooks, and highly customizable dashboards, with a range of different chart types and data filtering options. 

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Leading cloud technology and software company, Zoho, delivers a wide range of tools to business leaders, ranging from helpdesks and collaboration tools for teams, to customer service systems. Like some of the other top business intelligence vendors, Zoho delivers its technology through the cloud, in the form of a self-service solution for analysis.  

With the Zoho Analytics platform, companies can connect various forms of data from different sources, use AI tools to prepare data for analysis, and evaluate crucial insights. There are built-in tools for team collaboration, as well as intuitive visualization options. Plus, Zoho Analytics even offers a low-code, no-code model for embedding analytics into business tools. 

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Specializing in augmented analytics technology for data preparation, data science, and in-depth evaluation, Pyramid Analytics helps companies unlock new decision making strategies. Recognized by analysts like Gartner as one of the top business intelligence vendors, Pyramid connects the dots between different data ecosystems, and leverages AI to enhance insights.  

The company’s platform includes the built-in PYRANA direct query engine for simplified discovery sessions. Plus, there are numerous ways to customize the ecosystem, with over 100 visualization options to choose from. Users can also choose to deploy the technology in the cloud, on-premises, or in a hybrid environment 

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Enterprise analytics company MicroStrategy produces AI-powered analytics solutions to support companies in making quick, data-driven decisions. The MicroStrategy platform gives companies a comprehensive workstation for collaborative data analysis, as well as a host of tools for building AI-powered analytical apps.  

MicroStrategy supports multi-cloud, SaaS, and managed services deployment options, and the platform also includes generative AI, deep learning, and machine learning capabilities. Plus, companies can leverage RESTful APIs for quick and convenient connections to data sources. There are even tools for proactive and predictive analysis.  

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Incorta promises companies comprehensive self-service analytical tools, and a robust platform for managing collected data. Powered by smart lakehouse technology, Incorta’s Business Intelligence offering leverages cutting-edge AI and machine learning, with Incora X, as well as offering companes a simple and powerful solution for direct data mapping.  

Companies can take advantage of fully integrated machine learning and data science workflows, as well as pre-built applications and integrations. Plus, Incorta also allows organizations to adapt their data intelligence ecosystem to suit specific security and compliance needs in regulated environments. 

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