Top Data Visualization Books to Read in 2024


In the age of the data revolution, creating compelling visualizations is no longer a luxury but has now become a necessity. With the large amounts of data generated daily, effective data visualization helps visualize patterns and relationships, easily share information, and explore opportunities. This article lists the top data visualization books one should read in 2024 to understand the different concepts and techniques of visualization and create graphs capable of inspiring actions.

Storytelling with Data

“Storytelling with Data” is a data visualization guide for business professionals. It helps build confidence to create graphs and visualizations capable of inspiring actions. The book has numerous real-world examples with step-by-step explanations, allowing readers to gain hands-on experience.

Fundamentals of Data Visualization

This book provides a guide to making informative and compelling figures that help convey a compelling story. The book also provides extensive examples of good and bad figures.

Interactive Data Visualization for the Web

This book is a beginner-friendly guide to creating interactive data visualization projects on the web. It covers the basic concepts of the D3 library of JavaScript and walks through the creation of an entire project from start to finish using the same.

The Accidental Analyst: Show Your Data Who’s Boss

This book covers how to organize and analyze data using the best practices of visual analytics. The authors have also included numerous tips, tricks, and shortcuts that took them years to discover.

Information Graphics

“Information Graphics” has more than 400 illustrations that help beginners understand how information graphics work daily. The book covers various concepts and techniques of infographics with great detailing and explanations.

The Big Book of Dashboards

This book is based on different industrial scenarios and offers practical and effective visualization examples. The book talks about the tools and models that are needed to produce informative dashboards.

Visualize This

This book covers how to present and communicate information in an appealing and easy-to-understand manner. The author explains how to design meaningful visualizations by first understanding the data behind the same.

Data Visualization in Excel

“Data Visualization in Excel” is a comprehensive guide to creating advanced and effective data visualizations in Excel. Although Excel is not a specialized visualization tool, it has strong capabilities, which the author has highlighted in this book.

Data Visualization: A Practical Introduction

This book covers creating compelling visualizations using R programming language, specifically the ggplot2 library. It covers topics like plotting continuous and categorical variables, grouping, summarizing, and transforming data for plotting, creating maps, and refining plots to make them more understandable.

Data Visualisation

This book has everything students and scholars need to understand and create effective data visualizations. It allows the readers to see the visualizations in action and learn the tools to try it out themselves. The book also provides online checklists, tutorials, and exercises that help build skills and confidence.

Data Visualization with Excel Dashboards and Reports

This book teaches how to analyze large amounts of Excel data and report them meaningfully. It also teaches the fundamentals of data visualization and covers how to automate redundant reporting and analyses.

Information Dashboard Design

“Information Dashboard Design” focuses on the fundamental considerations while designing dashboards. The book covers the common problems one might face during dashboard design and explains some of the best practices with the help of examples.

The Visual Display of Quantitative Information

This book consists of 250 illustrations of the best graphics with a detailed breakdown of how to analyze data effectively. The book covers topics like malfunctioning graphical elements, data density, and techniques in data graphical design.

Better Data Visualizations

“Better Data Visualizations” covers the essential strategies to create effective data visualizations and talks about moving beyond basic charts like line, bar, and pie charts. The author uses more than 500 examples to explain the dos and don’ts of data visualization.

The Art of Insight

“The Art of Insight” is an ideal book for data scientists and data journalists that covers how great visualization designers think. The book covers some questions like what to visualize, how to visualize, and what the most appealing visual style is.

Visualizing Health and Healthcare Data

This book covers the best practices of data visualization specific to healthcare. It explains how to create useful data products capable of providing powerful insights to the end user. Moreover, it also covers how to avoid some of the common pitfalls in data visualization.

Storytelling with Charts

“Storytelling with Charts” is a guide to quickly master the art of telling compelling stories with charts. The book provides cheat sheets, lookup tables, and quick references to help readers turn hard data into a compelling narrative.

Data Sketches

This book covers the creative process behind 24 unique data visualizations. It provides explanations of key visualization concepts and practical lessons based on the data and design challenges.

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