unitQ Awarded Top 2024 Artificial Intelligence Excellence Award from Business Intelligence Group


BURLINGAME, Calif., March 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — unitQ, the leader in Quality Automation, announced today the Business Intelligence Group named unitQ the top 2024 Artificial Intelligence Excellence Award winner in the AI automation space.

The Business Intelligence Group, founded with the mission of recognizing true talent and superior performance in the business world, said the 2024 awards were designed to recognize organizations, products and people that bring AI to life and apply it to solve real problems.

“This award from the Business Intelligence Group signifies unitQ’s pivotal role in the advancement of artificial intelligence for automation,” said Maria Jimenez, chief nominations officer for the Business Intelligence Group. “unitQ’s achievements reflect a deep understanding of AI’s capacity to revolutionize product quality and sets a standard for excellence and inspiring future innovations in the field.”

“We are deeply honored that our Quality Automation platform was recognized as a leader in the AI automation space by the Business Intelligence Group,” said Christian Wiklund, unitQ CEO. “This recognition fuels our passion to continue developing solutions that not only solve today’s business challenges but also anticipate the needs of tomorrow, leveraging the power of AI to unlock unprecedented opportunities to improve the quality of our customers’ products and services.”

Ongoing Inventions Bolster unitQ Artificial Intelligence
unitQ’s recognition as a “2024 Artificial Intelligence Excellence Award” winner follows a spate of unitQ innovations and product advancements for its proprietary AI platform.

Among them, they include:

  • The debut of unitQ’s advanced AI-powered software to instantly transcribe organizations’ call center recordings, customer surveys and conversation bots — data that is transformed into real-time actionable insights to empower businesses to automate and elevate their product quality.
  • The introduction of unitQ GPT. unitQ GPT is the world’s first generative AI engine for measuring the quality of an organization’s products, services and experiences and harnesses unitQ’s proprietary AI models to extract instant meaning from support tickets, surveys, app reviews, social media posts and product engagement data so organizations can connect the dots between what users say and do in real time.
  • Engineering root cause analysis (RCA) coupled with unitQ GPT empowers engineering teams to quickly identify and address the root causes of user-reported issues. This AI-driven approach not only streamlines the RCA process but also ensures that user feedback is central to product development and improvement strategies.
  • While unitQ already provides organizations with AI-driven, actionable insights into what their users are saying in real time across all user feedback channels, one of our latest milestones empowers our customers with real-time actionable insights about how their customers are using their products and services. This first-of-its-kind, unified approach enables organizations to identify correlations between user behavior and user feedback, providing an even deeper understanding of customers’ needs and preferences. unitQ has become even more powerful when integrated with product analytics software like Amplitude by further breaking down the walls between product, engineering and customer experience teams.

The User Feedback Imperative
Becoming a user-centric organization requires a deep and personal understanding of the people using today’s products and services. Powered by machine learning and AI, unitQ captures user feedback in more than 100 languages from all sources — including Amazon, the Apple App Store, Discord, Google Play Store, Reddit, Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, support tickets and more. In addition to parsing user feedback in real time for unitQ customers to help them inform their decision-making along every touchpoint of the customer journey — unitQ also integrates with productivity tools such as Jira, PagerDuty, Slack, Microsoft Teams and Zendesk to alert organizations about key customer issues in any language, location or platform.

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About Business Intelligence Group
The Business Intelligence Group was founded with the mission of recognizing true talent and superior performance in the business world. Unlike other industry award programs, these programs are judged by business executives having experience and knowledge. The organization’s proprietary and unique scoring system selectively measures performance across multiple business domains and then rewards those companies whose achievements stand above those of their peers. To learn more, contact Maria Jimenez at 1-909-529-2737 or [email protected].

About unitQ
As the leading Quality Automation platform, unitQ empowers companies with AI-powered, actionable insights from user feedback to help them craft high-quality products, services and experiences. unitQ centralizes feedback from all sources and automatically groups it into thousands of granular categories to help organizations discover what matters most to users — all in real time. Category-leading companies like Spotify, Bumble, Pinterest, Udemy and HelloFresh rely on unitQ to drive growth, reduce churn and build brand loyalty.

With unitQ customer feedback software, including unitQ GPT, you can discover quality issues at the same time as your users. Know what product launches, releases or evergreen features are causing the most bugs or support tickets. Drill into the root causes of these issues by source, platform, device, customer segment and more.

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Please visit www.unitq.com for more information. Follow unitQ on LinkedIn and X.

To learn more, contact David Kravets from unitQ at [email protected].



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